Argument Description Default Value
/url Website page url, that you want to take screenshot of
Example: ""
/file HTML/MHTML file path, that you want to convert into image
Example: "c:\mypage.html"
/list Text file path, for batch processing.
Text file containing the list of urls or local paths of files, one item per line
Example: "c:\mylist.txt"
/dir Directory path for output images
Example: "c:\myimages"
Application directory
/name Name for the Output image file
?m (URL MD5 Hash)
?u (URL full path)
?n (Number)
?t (Literal Timestamp)
other (Creates filename with entered string)
/width Width of the output image Automatically determined
/height Height of the output image Automatically determined
/format Format of output image
Values: jpg, gif, png, bmp, tif
/quality Jpeg quality for output image
Values: 0 to 100
/bwidth Browser width Automatically determined
/bheight Browser Height Automatically determined
/timeout Timeout in seconds, timeout value for the process 120
/delay Delay in seconds. After page loads, take screenshot after specified seconds 1
/log Path with the name of the log file
Example: "c:\mylog.txt"
log.txt, in the application directory
/thread Number of webpages you want to capture simultaneously. More threads, more speed. Example, if you pass '/thread 5', 5 webpages from the '/list' start capturing simultaneously.
Values: 1 to 10
-nolog Disable log -
-noactivex Disable ActiveX on the page -
-nojava Disable Java on the page -
-noscript Disable Scripts on the page -
-force Force to take screenshot if timeout -
-overwrite Overwrite existing image file -
-preserveaspectratio Preserve the original aspect ratio when applying width or height of the output image thumbnail -

Log file format

To access capturing process result, you can use log file.

log file format is result,url,output

result: values can be.

1) Captured
2) Failed
3) Timeout

url: website url or html file

output: resulting image



Sample Log File